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This font is created by mexican designer Diana Pazo:

“BENNUDISEÑO™ a typography designed for my web site and personal visual identity, a design based on geometric shapes, perfect circles that draw rings around specific types. A hallmark of the source is the angle of tilt and the separation between the body of certain types.

The typographical design is not my speciality, but as one of the areas within the graphical design it is not unknown to me. I am a fan and user of free applications as Blender 3D, joomla! and all kinds of typographies and free resources. When arose the need to design a typographical font for my 2010 web site, the first thing that I thought were the characteristics that would form my typography which are the following ones: to name it BENNUDISEÑO™, that is the name of my company as freelance designer; obviously I said to myself, the font has to be free to download; the design of the characters had to be very simple, of minimalist forms and since it would be use for the logo and visual identity of my company, only would be in capital letters.

The software to develop this font was Ilustrator CS4 and Font Creator 6.0, which I had to learn to use exclusively in order that the typography was True Type. The result was my free font BENNUDISEÑO™, ready to be used in design graphic projects, web, prints, T-shirts, posters and 3d motion graphics. Free to download from my web or from this blog, as you prefer. Enjoy!”

It’s a wonderful font for using in posters, covers, headlines or similar graphics.

Designer: Diana Pazo
Country: Mexico